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I am pleased to offer counseling & life coaching services in four modes: Telephone Counseling, Skype Counseling, Email online counselng, online coaching, online therapy,phone coachingCounseling,  and Instant Messenger Chat Counseling.

Many of my clients choose to participate in telephone counseling sessions but interest is rising regarding web-cam/Skype counseling as well. It is truly up to the client as to which they prefer.

Through Online Counseling via SKYPE and telephone sessions, I provide a private, personalized psychotherapeutic service to clients who wish to stay in their own home or office setting during the counseling session.

I offer 4 different types of online counseling:

  • Online Skype Counseling: You will receive professional counseling live, person-to-person in real-time.(You’ll be able to see, hear & speak with me live in real-time)
  • Private Instant Messenger Chat – Chat live, online, one-on-one in a private and secure chat room with me.
  • Phone Counseling – I will call you at a scheduled time.
  • Email Sessions – Email counseling involves typing your feelings, thoughts, problems or concerns. I will then take the time to read the email and reply with a well thought out professional answer within 24 hours.

Benefits of Professional Online Counseling:

  • Cost – By conducting counseling sessions on the phone or online via services such as SKYPE, I am able to offer a reduced fee to my clients due to the low over-head costs of running my business.
  • Comfort - Counseling sessions from your own couch, desk or office!
  • Convenience – No need to carve out travel time for an appointment or fight traffic. Bad weather, lack of transportation or inability to leave one’s home for one reason or another does not have to prevent you from a counseling session.
  • Confidentiality - Waiting rooms filled with strangers and office staff are a thing of the past! See only the therapist at your online counseling session.

Here’s some of the services I provide in detail. Read them carefully and then click on the service that best suit your needs:

Online Counseling Using Skype Video Conferencing : skype counseling therapy, skype therapy

For those of you who’d like to talk live, face-to-face, I use Skype to make this possible.  Anyone who owns a PC or a laptop can download the Skype program.  This program is free to use for PC to PC calls and I’ve found the quality to be the same or better than a traditional landline phone service.

If you use the telephone regularly, it’s essentially the same except you can hear, see, and talk  with me live in real-time.  Even if you haven’t Skyped before it is super easy to use. Interested in Skype video counseling but you are not computer savvy? No problem, I will walk you through it step-by-step right over the phone. I offer a free 30 minute Skype installation session.

Call Me Right Now To Schedule a Skype Counseling Session

As Always I Offer a No Obligation, FREE Phone Consultation To All Potential Clients!

Online Counseling Via Emailing:

Emailing therapy consists of therapeutic email conversations. This service starts out with an introduction email where we get to know each other. You can tell me what you would like to work on and how you are feeling. Then begins the online counseling. I will correspond with questions and feedback.

Brand New: I now offer an unlimited email  package. This consists of unlimited monthly email support. I will maintain email correspondence with you throughout the month and will reply to your email within an agreed upon time frame. This email therapy service is for people on the go that wants to receive support, but does not have the time to receive regularly scheduled online therapy.

Click Here to Select Your Email Package

Online Counseling Via Live Chat/Instant Messenger:

Chat counseling is conducted via instant messenger with me. This type of therapy is for those that want their online therapy more interactive than email support. You will meet me in a private, secure chat room at an appointed time and then the session begins via instant messenger. This is strictly confidential and is considered an online counseling session. If you’ve used instant messenger before it is basically the same thing.

Call Us Right Now To Schedule an Instant Messaging Chat Session or 

As Always I Offer a No Obligation, FREE Phone Consultation To All Potential Clients!

Online Counseling By Phone:

I am located in Kokomo, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I will talk by phone with you anywhere within the continental United States.  You simply click the link below to sign up for a phone counseling and then I will be with you within 24 hours or sooner.  Phone sessions depending on what package you’ve chosen are either 30 minutes 0r 60 minutes long.  I aim to be highly productive and encourage you to always come to calls prepared beforehand and with writing supplies handy to take plenty of notes for each session..

Call Us Right Now To Schedule a Phone Counseling Session

As Always I Offer a No Obligation, FREE Phone Consultation To All Potential Clients!

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